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The 'Mind Coach'® Series Part I
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From: Marilyne Woodsmall, 'Mind Coach'®,

In Business and Athletics:

  • International Educational Trainings, Programs and Workshops
  • Expert in Performance Enhancement and Personality Typology Profiles
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As he gently squeezed the golf club taut in his hands, a chaos of voices, stories, and pictures swirled in his mind.

Will I win? Don't miss. Hit the green. Put the ball in the hole. That's all that matters. Nothing else...nothing...else.

"What is wrong with him?" he wondered, looking over as his competitor (in business and today on this course) smiled and gently rubbed his golf club, waiting his turn.

"No one can be that cool, " he reasoned. Soon his body became as taut as his golf club, hands sweating through his gloves, the neck straining, the eyes darting back and forth, from fairway to hands, from fairway to could he focus?

Stories consume his mind; the same thing happens to people at the moment of action. It's not a lie, it's just the current truth. Star Performers train for this moment, physically as well as mentally, and spiritually.

Then he struck the ball with a last minute, pent up swing, hooking the ball into the rough. "I'm in deep grass," he mumbled, "I should have waited. I should have..."

The next man stepped up, the same height and weight as the first golfer. Yet unlike his competitor, he was striding, confident and focused. He seemed calm, almost comfortable as he quietly stroked a few blades of emerald grass out of his way.

As the first man watched from the left, it seemed like the second golfer just stopped, still. An eternity passed as he looked down the fairway, towards the flag waving in the distance, and the opportunity in front of him.

Centering himself on the ball and the hole down the way, he suddenly remembered Jaren's voice, from The 'Mind Coach Series, and how at moments like this, your truth is revealed: "When the time is right, not a second before, not a second after..."

He inhaled slowly as he raised his club, head down and focused only on the ball in front of him; as the whisper of his exhale left his lips, the club danced in perfect synchronicity with the ball, striking it down the center of the fairway.

I remember that first golfer could hit the ball farther than anyone else. He had the ability to succeed, yet the pressure made him question every decision. Nervous about what had happened on earlier holes and anxious about what lay ahead, he didn't stand a chance.

This is exactly the problem. At the top of any competitive field, everyone has good physical ability. The one who wins is the one who can master the mental game consistently.

The first man might hit the ball right here and there, not every time, intimidated by the outcome. The second man developed a consistent golf game, mostly because he had learned how to get out of his own way and just swing, naturally, and enjoy the learning of each swing.

Whether on the field or in the boardroom, these same skills come up, ready to be put into action. This involves multiple factors:

  • One is maintaining a consistent physiology.

  • Two is maintaining a consistent internal approach.

  • Third is developing a personal performance plan.

  • Fourth is developing and maintaining the Maximum Performance State™ (MPS™).

  • Fifth is knowing how to motivate yourself to win.

  • Sixth is having developed and practiced in advance strategies to deal with any possible adversities that may arise.

  • A highly motivated person who has an indomitable will to win may defeat a more skilled opponent on any given day. This happens frequently.

Each person is unique, just like you. When stress, doubt, and worry consume you at the defining moment, you are exposed.

As the 'Mind Coach'® (more in a bit on that) I helped to sort that out and got the first golfer back on track. I gave him a "mental anchor", his own story, so that he would stay on track, focused on the present. He has stayed that way for over 17 years now.

Now he has fun, his drives fly straight, and he has learned how to hit the green by getting out of his own way, and unlocking his own Truth.

Because that is what golf and even business is about, not winning or losing or even becoming the best in the world...Star Perfomers know it is about discovering your own Truth in every performance, whether on the field or behind the desk.

The 'Mind Coach'® Series CD's and Manual Will Help You Unlock Your Truth:
The Art and Learning Power of Storytelling

As the performance enhancement expert, I have spent over 20 years working with amateur and professional athletes in groups and one on one, live and over the phone, like I did with the golfer in the first story. I have also helped many top executives find a similar answer to a different challenge; how to be their best when it is called for, by integrating the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

What you will gain from exploring the 'Mind Coach'® Series I learned directly from athletes and executives worldwide. Here's where I learned this:

  • As the highly respected 'Mind Coach'®, conducting 'Mind Coach'® Seminars, Trainings and Workshops on performance enhancement and personality typologies.


  • As the creator of 'Mind Coach'® Training Materials and Personality Typology Profiles and Evaluation Tools for Performance Enhancement and Personality Analysis in business and athletics.


  • As a highly respected international Trainer, Author, Metaphysical Teacher and Inspirational Speaker.

  • As a professional Behavioral Modeler, known as The Expert on Experts™ and as The Expert on Expertise™.

  • As a leading expert in Human Typological Research, the study of human difference.

  • By modeling and coaching experts and designing model-based trainings for major firms such as MCI, Avery Dennison and General Motors as well as for US Olympic Teams (Athletes and Coaches) and for a variety of elite experts in business, pro-sports, education, manufacturing, and other fields.

  • As one of the first certified NLP Master Modelers and also NLP Master Trainers in the world.

  • As a Master Teacher of four healing modalities, a practitioner of two others, and a Feng Shui teacher since the late 1980's.

  • As the Founder, Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors for THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT AND WISDOM FOUNDATION™ INC. whose mission is to create enlightened global leaders and entrepreneurs using innovative learning and educational models, behavioral change technology and new business paradigms.

Click here for my FREE report called "Decoding Expertise: The Art and Science of 'Advanced Behavioral Modeling'™ Technology."

The 'Mind Coach'® Series ("The Story of Jaren") is a wonderful journey of storytelling. It began years ago as a Trainer when I would write stories for students.

The year 1990 marked a turning point. I began working with Olympic Athletes and Olympic Coaches, first modeling "the elite among the elite"and then training and coaching them. Here is when my storytelling took a decided twist to incorporate yet another new level of meaning to the already metaphor-laden creations.

Let me explain...

  • First, there is always so much knowledge to transfer to others and lots of detailed information, especially in our model-based trainings no matter what the field or subject.

  • Second, given the fact that we live in a world of ten second attention spans, I wanted a way to keep participants focused and at the same time make certain that the knowledge be assimilated in a fun and effortless manner.

  • So I decided to write a different kind of story!

I knew that it would be fun to weave the knowledge into stories that incorporated both the know-how of superior performance experts as well as "ancient wisdom" and practical information and insights about "character- building".

I take you beyond elite performance to even higher levels, ones you may not be reaching even if they are right in front of you.

Now I cannot personally connect with every person looking to improve performance. What I can do is share the almost 20 years of experience in modeling success and help you with The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The 'Clean Heart Grid'®. It begins with your mental approach to competition:

  • Competition adds an emotional and mental component that is not experienced in practice. By not focusing attention and not controlling their emotions, inner voice, and mental pictures, athletes can completely take themselves out of competition.

  • One of the divers that I worked with failed to make the Olympic team because of a 5 second mental lapse on the final drive in the Olympic Trials. In that 5 seconds, he sabotaged over 15 years of practice and 10 years of training with the best diving coach in the world.

  • Two years later this same athlete used the mental and emotional skills that I had taught him to win the Gold Medal in the World Games! The key was mental preparation.

  • The moment of action in athletics is similar to moments in business, and in life. Defining moments for a competition, for a career, for a family, all of these bring the pressure to perform.


"I see significant value in using this wisdom for encouraging the primary prevention of heart disease."

My patients with serious cardiovascular disease will benefit from the experience of learning with Jaren and the 'Mind Coach'®. The Mind Coach's method is relaxation, but the message goes far deeper into the Mind-Heart interaction. I see significant value in using this wisdom for encouraging the primary prevention of heart disease."

---Robert T., MD, FACC
Preventive Cardiologist & Professor of Medicine

"Marilyne has gifted us with the deepest universal secrets of peak performance as well as resurrected the art of ancient storytelling."

"In my opinion, Marilyne has gifted us with the deepest universal secrets of peak performance as well as resurrected the art of ancient storytelling.  If you are in the least bit interested in performing to your absolute best, no matter what you do, these CDs are a must!"

With deepest gratitude and sincerity

Dharma G.

NLP Trainer and Spiritual Teacher

"This could be a very relaxing tool for my patients and could aid them in developing their higher consciousness..."

"The voice of the 'Mind Coach'® induced an immediate hypnotic state. This could be a very relaxing tool for my patients and could aid them in developing their higher consciousness.

This could be so helpful for those with a terminal illness or any illness, as there is so much that treatments and medicine do not address....

This could help people to understand their own truths and open to healing in a way comfortable to them."

---Candice D.
Chiropractic Physician

"I find "The 'Mind Coach'® Series" CD set to be spiritually and philosophically enlightening."

"I find "The 'Mind Coach'® Series" CD set to be spiritually and philosophically enlightening.  I do feel it is a series for the intellectual who is wanting to find some inner, self-satisfying ideas that will allow one to have a much happier, rewarding life."

--- Robert S.
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

"These CDs are much more than a perfect way to meditate and relax. Her inspirational story is layered with lots of information in the form of insightful Laws and powerful processes about how to control your mind. Its so well done that you don't realize just how much information is packed into them. Marilyne is clearly ahead of her time with her work."

"I cannot say enough about the 'Mind Coach'® CDs by Marilyne Woodsmall. They are a power house of wisdom and practical knowledge for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of how to succeed professionally and personally.

These CDs are much more than a perfect way to meditate and relax. Her inspirational story is layered with lots of information in the form of insightful Laws and powerful processes about how to control your mind.

It's so well done that you don't realize just how much information is packed into them. None of what she presents is hype, like some things nowadays.

Also, Marilyne is clearly ahead of her time with her work --- these CDs came out long before other people began speaking about certain concepts (such as the notion of thought as vibration, manifestation visualizations, among other things) which she had already presented in these CDs and in her teaching.

Not only did I gain so much from these CDs, my cats did also. Whenever they hear them playing, they lay back and take in the Mind Coach's voice and who knows what else!

---Lynne R.
Retired Wall Street Executive

The Mind Coach Book and CDs

That is one of the reasons why I decided to present "The Laws of Elite Performance"™ and "The Divine Nine Laws of Star Performance"™ within a story form, so YOU simply take in the information at your leisure, without stressing out and wondering "How will I remember this?" YOU too will experience this inspirational journey of personal growth as YOU release toxic stress within you and around you.

I realized over twenty years ago that it is easier for the subconscious mind to take in information than the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind literally acts like a sponge, soaking up anything and everything that we have ever experienced, on both a conscious and subconscious level

That is why it is so important to be aware of all that we allow into our minds, whether it be a picture, a sound, a feeling, a word, a scent, a taste or any combination of these.

The 'Mind Coach'® teaches YOU Step by step how to monitor your mind and more!

The subconscious mind retains every single thought, every single picture, feeling, word, sound, every person, in short, everything that passes within our range, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. 

I will let you in on a secret that I have been teaching and writing about for two decades

The subconscious mind learns most easily in one particular way.

For example, what pictures does the following image create in your mind, right now?

The missing link is this:

The best way to communicate with the unconscious mind is through pictures.

THIS is the reason why I decided to present this powerful mind/brain technology in the form of a poignant story that creates very specific images in the mind as you are listening. And it carries many levels of meaning as well.

It is no coincidence that I describe both the 'Mind Coach'® and Jaren in a vivid manner.  CD I creates an almost magical tone, as it sets the stage for what is to follow.  With the lovely combination of relaxing music and sounds, along with the soothing voice of the 'Mind Coach'®, CD I very deliberately helps you to go into what I call "auto-pilot" mode. In this way you can sit back, listen and even doze off, as you take in lots of information while learning the TRUTH about expertise and performance enhancement through my insights and LAWS in CDs II and III.

How many of you believe in the "No Pain, No Gain" Philosophy? I happen to know that learning is fun and doesn't require hard work to get there!  You will experience what I mean as you let go and hear, see, feel and understand the wisdom contained in these CDs.

So YOU too will see that "No Pain, No Gain" simply doesn't apply here. I give you a way to EFFORTLESSLY experience the learning process as you listen to these CDs.

By, the way, if you happen to fall asleep to the soothing voice of the 'Mind Coach'®, that simply means that you are releasing tension in your mind & body, and you will resume listening at the point at which you are meant to do so.

The Mind Coach Book and CDs

on air

Here is what you will explore in the 3-CD 'Mind Coach'®Series:

    CD I

    • 1. Jaren's Meeting with the 'Mind Coach'®

    • 2. The Connection

    • 3. The "Clean Heart Grid"® and Elite Performance

    CD II

    • 4. The Performance Formula Revealed

    • 5. The Energy of Elite Performance

    • 6. Manifesting Elite Performance

    CD III

    • 7. The Laws of Star Performance I-VI

    • 8. The Laws of Star Performance VII to IX

    • 9. The Transformation

How to Unlock
The Power of Your Truth

By now you likely have discovered there is a reason you are reading these words; there are no accidents.

The reason you are invited is simple; the power of the 'Mind Coach'® is not something you can ignore. Let me share some initial guidelines:

  1. This Program is extremely private; please do not do this if you are not serious or it is too much for you..

  2. Experience, and listen. This is learning by doing. We provide you with the knowledge, tools and specific steps to apply to your business and to your life, so be ready.

  3. We ask that only individuals serious about the program join; if you cannot afford to attend and it causes a hardship on you and your family, please wait until the time is right for you financially.

The 'Mind Coach Series Part I
The Story of Jaren:
Keeper of the "Clean Heart Grid"

Please Enroll Me Into the 'Mind Coach'® Series Part I Today

By ordering today, I will only pay $149.97 for the complete Program of 3 CD's and 1 Manual.

Once my tuition is processed via your online secure form, my 'Mind Coach'® Series Part I will be mailed to me at the address I specify.

'Mind Coach'® Guarantee

I want to thank you for taking the time to discover the 'Mind Coach'®Series, and to give you the power to put the Program into action for yourself. Let me explain...

You see, in the 20 years I have been in business, I've never published a Program that gives so much value and with easy to follow directions, like the 'Mind Coach'® Series Part I. Within this Program, I guarantee, are the keys to help you improve your performance, saving yourself time and money, and giving you the inside track on finding the Power of Your Truth.

I back that with a 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee; as you progress through the Program, you will gain exercises and knowledge never before made available to the general public, only to an exclusive group.

If for any reason you are not satisified, return the Program within 30 days. Upon receipt, we will gladly refund your money. That's how much I believe in this Program, and in you.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Please join me now. The time is right for you to relax, enjoy the competition, and improve. It really is that easy when you discover the Power of Your Truth, the power to get out of your own way.

Also, for information on 'Mind Coach'® Trainings and Seminars, 'Mind Coach'® Business Management Consulting Services, 'Mind Coach'® Educational Programs, 'Mind Coach'® Personality Typology Profiles, 'Mind Coach'® CD's, and other 'Mind Coach'® products for performance enhancement and personality typologies in business and athletics, please contact me at:

Thank you


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